About Us

About Us

The World’s Smartest Gloves

It began with a simple yet powerful idea – could we just touch our fingers to type?
In the summer of 2005 a flash of insight came to Brent Baier, then a young man in his 20’s.
Leaping out of bed late at night, he scribbled down the idea on a couple sheets of paper for a glove technology for typing.  The journey began.

After a few years of prototyping and patenting the concept he decided to build it into a commercial product.
From 2008 – 2010, intense fundraising, engineering, and manufacturing work birthed a company and product.
No longer a solo venture, a talented team of passionate people made the idea into reality.

In April 2010 the first generation Peregrine Glove was launched to the PC gaming market.
Today it has sold to thousands of customers in over 30 countries.
While the fledgling product began to find it’s footing, the company faced a number of challenges.
Significant changes and restructuring occurred from 2012 to 2015.

Work on an upgraded glove and new manufacturing process began early 2016, culminating in
the release of the new Peregrine Glove ST in August 2017.

With a rich foundation of intellectual property, practical knowledge and hands on experience
in wearable glove technology, the company is strongly and uniquely positioned to grow.
While currently designed for PC gaming and graphic design applications,
concepts are in development for a number of exciting applications. (VR glove!)

We are on a journey to build the world’s smartest gloves.
We would love for you to join us.


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The Peregrine

The Peregrine