About The Peregrine

The World’s Leading Wearable Interface

The Peregrine Glove was born out of a dream to unlock the amazing capabilities of the human hand for technology applications. Brent Baier, the inventor, came up with the concept in 2005 as a wearable interface glove for typing. After a few years as a solo entreprenuer doing prototyping and patenting, Mr. Baier founded Iron Will Innovations and formed a team to engineer, manufacture and distribute the Peregrine Glove. In April 2010 the Peregrine was launched to the North American PC gaming market, and has now been sold to thousands of customers in over 30 countries.


Future plans for our product include the release of a wireless, motion, touch and gesture sensing Peregrine glove with a SDK and Open Source software. Numerous other upgrades will be implemented based on our years of product experienced gained since market launch. Our company is open to partnerships with large corporations to leverage our patented Peregrine Technology Platform for new applications integrating our wearable interface technology expertise. Our aim includes expanding into new commercial applications while still offering a compelling consumer product.


With the transformative technologies emerging such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, the Peregrine Wearable Interface is uniquely positioned to become part of the next major change in the technology world – wearable tech. There is no wearable interface available today that comes close to the functionality and price point of the Peregrine Glove.