Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Peregrine Glove and how does it work?

What is the Peregrine Glove?

The Peregrine Glove is a wearable interface that let’s you trigger keystrokes by touching your fingers. You can think of it as a keyboard on your hand.

How do I use it?

The glove has:

– 3 “Contact Points” located on the thumb tip, thumb fat, and palm.

– 18 “TouchPoints” spread among the fingers – pointer (5), middle (5), ring (5) and small (3).

A keystroke is generated when a Contact Point connects with a TouchPoint on a finger. For example, touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pointer finger would generate a keystroke.

You can customize the glove hotkey layout for a game or application then trigger hotkeys by touching your fingers.

Does it really give me an advantage? What are some of the benefits?

Based on thousands of satisfied customers, in-house statistical studies, and countless hours of gameplay, we can confidently say the Peregrine will give most users an advantage (if used correctly). We have identified three main benefits most people experience:

Speed – Frequently used actions placed in the easiest to touch locations allow you to quickly trigger crucial hotkeys.

Focus – Because you are touching your hand there is no need to look down to find a key. This can lead to mouse speed gains of 5 – 20% — by never taking your eyes off the screen you are able to use your mouse more effectively.

Comfort – Most users naturally place their hand in an ergonomically neutral position when using the Peregrine, as opposed to being forced into unnatural positions with traditional interfaces.

The Peregrine can be used as a replacement for the keyboard or simultaneously with the keyboard. For example, in a game like Starcraft 2 you could use the glove for unit groups and special abilities and use the keyboard for everything else. The Peregrine gives you another tool in your gaming arsenal, how you use it to your advantage is up to you! By reading our guides and through practice and experimentation we are confident you will receive an advantage with the Peregrine Glove!

Is it easy to learn?

Most gamers learn the basics within 5 minutes, and after playing for about an hour are very comfortable using The Peregrine. We have seen professional gamers do incredible things with the glove after only a few hours of use. It all depends on the individual, but most people should plan on spending about an hour getting used to it.

What operating systems does it work on? Do I need special drivers?

The Peregrine hardware uses standard HID keyboard drivers and will work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The configuration software that allows you to assign keys and calibrate the glove is currently available for Windows XP – 8. A functional Mac beta version of software is available. A new version compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux is in development (release date to be announced). Once you have configured the device you can plug it into any system that uses standard keyboard drivers (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and the Peregrine will keep its stored settings and just work!

How does the Peregrine detect my touches?

There are stainless steel conductive traces running up the face and back down the side of each finger on the Peregrine glove. When these traces make contact with the thumb tip or another Contact Point, the “pod” senses the electrical resistance to determine where exactly you are touching along the wire. When you calibrate The Peregrine, you tell it which area on the conductive trace you want to touch (we call these areas TouchPoints) and assign a keystroke to that TouchPoint. When the thumb makes contact with a specific TouchPoint, the pod senses where you are touching and instantly triggers that character.

What do the 5 black square outlines on each finger do?

They are visual indicators of suggested Touch Points. They do not actually detect touches.

Why is it Left hand only? Is there a Right hand version coming?

We currently only offer left hand Peregrine Gloves as that is the hand typically used for keyboard shortcuts, while the right hand controls the mouse. We do plan to release a right hand glove in the future but don’t have a release date yet.

How durable is it?

The pod should last years and is impact resistant to falls and bumps. The glove itself is built to withstand millions of touches and should last at least 6 month to a year (or longer) if properly cared for. However, the glove is a consumable product and will wear out over time due to normal wear and tear because of the nature of fabric materials. It’s designed to be replaceable, and if it does wear out you just snap your pod off and snap in a new glove.

Can I type with it on?

Yes! No actions are executed unless a TouchPoint comes in contact with an Contact Point, so you can use your keyboard normally with the glove on. With a little practice, most users can reach their desired WPM while typing with the glove on.

Will my hands get sweaty with a glove on?

The glove is ventilated and completely breathable. Some users have reported suffering sweatier hands while using their keyboards and mice as compared to flying high and dry with the glove. Our hardcore testers have played for over 8 hours continuously with the glove on and have reported no sweating issues.

Can I wash it?

The glove is designed to be (gently) hand washed. With a bit of warm soap and water (and time to dry) you’ll be ready to go again.

Can it perform multi-key functions like CTRL-A?

Yes. Our current setup allows the palm pad to handle modifier keys like CTRL, ALT and Shift so you can perform popular shortcuts. And upcoming firmware update will allow for full modifier key / macro support for all TouchPoints.

What games and applications is the Peregrine best suited for?

What games does the Peregrine work best with?

The Peregrine works best for:

– MOBA / Action RTS games like League of Legends and DotA 2

– MMOs such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, LOTR Online, etc.

– RTS titles like StarCraft 2 and WarCraft III (Use “grid” layout for SC2)

The Peregrine is great for games requiring hotkeys and quick response times. But don’t let this list limit you, the glove is completely customizable and can be used for many types of games. (Minecraft anyone?)

Can I use it for Photoshop and other design and drafting programs?

With proper configuration the Peregrine glove is ideal for drafting and design applications. Using the glove to trigger shortcuts can make you more efficient and ergonomic as you can rest your hand in an ergonomically neutral position.

Please note that the Peregrine currently cannot bind macros to a single Touch Point through the GloveBox configuration software. An upcoming software release (to be announced) will implement this functionality for existing Peregrine Gloves. Until this release an additional macro program such as AutoHotKey may be required for programming certain functionality.

Buying A Peregrine Glove

Where can I buy the Peregrine Glove?

The Peregrine Glove is sold directly from our website. We ship anywhere in the world. Alternately, you can check our “Where To Buy” section to see if there are other purchasing options in your area.

Sizing. How do I get the right fit? Is it important?

There are three sizes currently available: Small, Medium, and Large. Before you order, please make sure you read the sizing chart and follow the sizing instructions carefully. A nice, form-fitting glove will make your Peregrine experience much better.

What type of warranty is there?

There is a 1 year warranty on electronics pod and a 6 month warranty on the glove.

Future Versions

Is there a wireless version coming?

Yes. We don’t have a release date yet but we WILL be releasing a wireless version.

Will you integrate features like motion sensing, gesture sensing, bend detection, etc?

We plan to release next generation versions of the Peregrine Glove with some exciting new features, including motion and gesture sensing. Finger bend detection, pressure sensing and other features will have to wait for future generations of our product. We are trying to keep our price point at something that the average consumer can afford. Our company also has the research and development capabilities to prepare gloves for customized applications which could also affect functionality of future versions of our product. We see a very bright and interesting future for our glove!

Will you be releasing any type of SDK or Open Source software?

YES! We are currently working on a new open source version of the GloveBox software which will give developers great flexibility when using the Peregrine with applications. Future versions of our hardware will also include a SDK so developers can customize the Peregrine’s powerful hardware platform to their application. Release dates to be announced.

Will there be different glove colors and styles?

We’ll release different styles and colors in the future, and even plan to eventually release customized gloves to go with specific games. As new glove styles come out, users will be able to simply snap their existing pod into the new glove, and keep gaming without missing a beat.

Will there be a version for consoles like XBOX, Playstation and Wii?

Our current version is not compatible with consoles. Our next generation version will likely be Bluetooth Wireless and as such may work with some consoles if developers choose to create Peregrine specific games for consoles.


Is the Peregrine Glove endorsed by Riot Games for League of Legends?

No, the Peregrine Glove is not officially endorsed by Riot Games and information on this site doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends.

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