The Peregrine Gaming Glove

The Peregrine puts hotkeys on your hand.

Fight faster, react instantly, and win more!

Custom Shortcuts

Setup your shortcuts how you want them and trigger commands with a quick tap of the finger. Access over 30 customizable shortcuts — without sacrificing keyboard and mouse capabilities.

Peregrine glove league of legends spells
Dota2 overlay glowing peregrine glove

Speed and Comfort

Beyond the
speed increase– you will experience a new level of
comfortas your hand rests in the breathable form fitting fabric.

No more endless hours hunching and straining over the keyboard! With the Peregrine you can place your hand in your most comfortable position.

Overpower your enemy.

Save your body.

Choose the Peregrine.

Baselan person trying the peregrine glove

Ideal for the following types of games…


Use the Peregrine in League of Legends, DotA 2, Heroes of Newerth, Smite and similar games to easily trigger abilities and items.

Pull off complex combos without ever hitting a wrong key. Don’t ever look down for distant keys.

Flash away to safety instantly.

Call the Shagbark courier to your aid.

League of Legends


League of legends keymap example

Example Keymap

Dota keymap example

Example Keymap


Whether it’s World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Diablo – or another fantastic world – take command with over 30 new, easily accessible hotkeys.

The Peregrine can be setup to trigger abilities and items, bring up overlays, or be used simultaneously with the keyboard — it’s up to you.

The glove can be setup in a variety of ways depending on hero type and play style. Please see our keymap and guide sections for more information.

Peregrine glove in rpg


Use the Peregrine to activate unit special abilities or assign and recall unit groupings.

With Grid layout in Starcraft 2 you can program each location on the grid to a place on your hand.

Use the glove and the keyboard together to experience new levels of control in your favorite RTS.

Peregrine glove rts grid


The Peregrine can be used for items, weapon switching, in-game overlays, and other hotkeys, however it is not recommended for WASD movement.

When setup properly it can make gameplay faster and more enjoyable.

We do not fully endorse the Peregrine for the FPS genre, so please make sure you throughly understand the product before purchasing it for use in FPS games.

Peregrine glove in fps

Top glove


Glow lines

remove the boundaries between

you & the virtual world.