The Peregrine Glove

The Peregrine Glove

Transform your hand into a weapon and conquer the digital world.

Turn your touch into power. Tap a spot on your finger and it makes a keystroke. Simple, intuitive responsiveness. Natural comfort. Razer sharp mental focus.

With a completely redesigned thumb sensor, snappy new touch detection algorithms, brand new software, all packed into a glove with care in every stitch.

TouchPoint Technology

Harness your instinctive reflexes.

17 customizable TouchPoints perfectly positioned on your fingers make it possible. Just tap a location with the state-of-the-art thumb sensor to create a keystroke. In an instant your hero responds and battles are won.

All New Thumb Sensor

Precision with a dash of steampunk.

Refined and ready. The new seamless thumb sensor is constructed from durable stainless steel, yet can be shaped to your thumb. With a slight grip on finger contact, it just feels right. The sense of touch is better than ever.

New Software

Fast and clean.

Peregrine Software has been rebuilt from scratch. With improved layout load times and a simplified interface, configuring your glove is easier than ever. If you like getting under the hood, the upcoming open source release will give you even greater customization power.

The Peregrine

The Peregrine